Controlled & certified origin

The chlorella pyrenoïdosa selected by Nutriphys® comes from the best sources and the most certified producers in the world.

Chlorella pyrenoïdosa is cultivated in a clean and unpolluted natural environment, under sunlight and fresh and unpolluted air, in constantly controlled artificial ponds, with clean and filtered water.

Production method

fang’s food

First importer of chlorella in Europe, the Brussels based company Fang’s Food has been selling chlorella pyrenoidosa imported from Taiwan since 1985.

In 2012 Fang’s Food refocuses its activities on soya and tofu production. Fresh food produced daily and sent to various supermarkets in Belgium.

The distribution of chlorella pyrenoidosa by-products continues through a spin-off, Nutriphys® BVBA, led by Lucien Zapico Garcia.


Since 2012, Nutriphys® has continued to develop and promote chlorella pyrenoidosa. Although chlorella is now one of the food supplements available in (para)pharmacies and herbalists, it is still little known by the general public.

2018 marks a new turning point in the history of Nutriphys®, as the company changes ownership: Yvan Leclercq brings, among other things, his many years of experience in the medical-pharmaceutical field.

There is no doubt that he will give a new impetus to the marketing of chlorella pyrenoidosa in Europe.

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