Much more than a chlorella concentrate

Experts estimate that raw seaweed contains between 3 and 5% of this extract. Researchers have even managed, during certain cultivation experiments, to produce a Chlorella which contains up to 20% of C.G.F.

C.G.F. is more than a concentrated form of chlorella or part of this micro-algae. C.G.F. does not replace chlorella or make it superfluous. Actually both, chlorella and C. G. F. complete each other in an extraordinary way and have remarkable effects when combined.

C.G.F. is found only in chlorella. No other plant on earth offers a comparable concentrate.

A unique complex

C.G.F. is a complex combination of vitamins, nucleotides, natural sugars and amino acids that favours natural growth.

Best natural tonic

C.G.F. extracted from the cell nucleus of Chlorella pyrenoïdosa, is known to be the best natural tonic, far ahead of ginseng or royal jelly.

Stimulates growth

Numerous analyses have shown that the C.G.F. increases our own DNA and RNA functions, activating the production of proteins, enzymes and energy.

6 steps to obtain the C.G.F.

  1. Fresh chlorella pyrenoïdosa is washed, then condensed by drying.
  2. It is then carefully heated and centrifuged to allow separation and condensation. This step is decisive because it is the combination of physical forces that allows the valuable DNA and RNA components to be extracted from the solid nucleus of the chlorella pyrenoïdosa.
  3. A vacuum pump helps to condense the supernatant raw extract.
  4. This first raw substance from the C.G.F. is condensed again.
  5. This condensate is then freeze-dried. Pure C.G.F. powder is ready.
  6. Various controls and chemical analyses of the concentration (measured in optical density), purity, components and toxic substances are carried out.

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