a little-known micro-algae

Chlorella is one of the most primitive plant forms on our planet. Its appearance on earth dates back 3 billion years.

Chlorella is a unicellular eukaryotic micro-algae of the chlorophyceous order. It is barely 2 to 8 microns long.

This explains why it was not until the microscope came into being that a Dutch microbiologist named Bejerinck identified it. It was in 1890.

Soon the incredible richness of chlorella quickly aroused the interest of scientists.

At the end of the Second World War, Japan, ruined and starving, used chlorella to feed its population. Even today, millions of Japanese people still consume it every day. It is recognized as a nutricament of national interest (declared by the Japanese government at the Nutrition-Health conference on 23 September 2003) 

History of Chlorella

incredible active ingredients

Chlorella pyrenoïdosa is a eukaryotic micro-algae, i.e. it has a nucleus containing, like our cells, genetic material.

It has a unique range of components, which includes all essential amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals but especially chlorophyll.

It contains 60-65% vegetable proteins, including 3% plant RNA and 3% plant DNA. A real record among plants!

It is also an extraordinary natural source of vitamins. Beta-carotene, B12, vitamins H and M.

Chlorella also has a high chlorophyll content (almost 3%). This unique natural substance, with its little-known benefits, is a valuable health ally.

In addition, C.G.F. (chlorella growth factor), which represents 5% of the algae content, acts directly on tissue cells, accelerates their growth and regeneration.

Chlorella also contains a variety of minerals as well as chlorellin -a natural antibiotic- and sporopollein which protects against cell dryness.

List of active ingredients

Health benefits for All

Taking chlorella regularly reduces the risk of getting sick. Indeed, its regulating action helps everyone to stay healthy.

This is why this multi-use micro-algae has been used for a long time in Japanese hospitals. Among its benefits:

  • it stimulates weakened immune defences
  • it boosts cellular regeneration
  • it detoxifies the organism
  • it relieves constipation and restores intestinal flora
  • it alleviates the side effects of menopause
  • it is indicated in cases of rheumatism and osteoarthritis
  • it speeds up the healing process
Health benefits


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